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Turning NC Blue Election candidates, Cleveland North Carolina
Election candidates, North Carolina

Election candidates, Cleveland North Carolina

Election candidates in Cleveland County NC

Turning NC Blue County by County

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State wide races

IDCandidateMore information
Presidential electionHillary Clinton and Tim Kaine (VP)
U.S. SenateDeborah Ross
State GovernorRoy Cooper
Lt GovernorLinda Coleman
N.C. Attorney GeneralJosh Stein
N. C. State Auditor Beth Wood
N. C. Commissioner of Agriculture Walter Smith
N. C. Insurance CommissionerWayne Goodwin
N.C. Commissioner of LaborCharles Meeker
Secretary of StateElaine Marshall
N. C. Supt. of Public Instruction June Atkinson
N. C. State Treasurer Dan Blue, III
NC Supreme Court JusticeMike Morgan
NC Court of AppealsLinda Stephens, Margaret Eagles, Jr, Abe Jones, Vince Rozier, Rickye McKoy-Mitchell, N/A

US Congressional races

IDDistrictCandidateMore information
10Congressional district 10Andy Millard

NC Senate races

IDDistrictCandidateMore information
46Senate district 46Anne Fischer

NC House races

IDDistrictCandidateMore information
110House district 110No Democrat candidateN/A
111House district 111No Democrat candidateN/A

Other races

IDCountyRace nameCandidateMore information
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