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Turning NC Blue 'One Stop' no excuse early voting locations, Vance North Carolina
One stop, North Carolina

'One Stop' no excuse early voting locations, Vance North Carolina

One stop no excuse early voting in Vance County NC

Turning NC Blue County by County

The county coordinatrors can update the one stop locations, if you notice an error please inform them.

In the state of North Carolina we have the option at county discretion to use 'One Stop' early voting.  If available it can start no more than 20 days before the election and will end on the Saturday before the election.  The costs of funding 'One Stop' is a local responsibility for the county Board of Elections, and therefore it is possible some may not allow 'One Stop' or it may not be available for the full period.  Please check with your local Board of Election for times for one stop.

For more information on 'One Stop' please contact your county Board of Elections, or the State Board of Elections (SBoE).

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One stop locations

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